The 'Covid-19' Tab

On the company details page there is a dedicated tab where you can examine:

  • The temporal sequence of suspensions and reopening that affected the sector to which it belongs
  • The details of the aid (the contents relating to public funding received by that subject due to the various government decrees on Covid.)
    • the type of aid
    • the date of grant
    • the amount of aid
    • the grantor

The 'Locations' Tab

This section contains information relating to the company's offices, whether legal or operational. In addition to the address, there is an interactive map that geolocates the different locations. At the top right, just above the map, you can search for a specific territorial reference (a municipality, a province or a region). Useful if there are many secondary offices.

The 'Contacts' Tab

The Contacts tab lists all the contacts referable to the company. They can derive from official sources or from web and social pages. In any case, this is public data, present on pages directly attributable to the company.

In the section there are three columns, each containing precise elements:

The leftmost column contains the email addresses, divided by type (generic info boxes, functional areas - purchases, marketing, etc);

The central column contains the telephone numbers and fax numbers. If a number is associated with a company headquarters, the associated address is displayed below the number;

The right column contains the websites associated with the company.

The 'People' Tab

With the same logic, the People Tab shows us all the people connected to the company. 

The data on people have been organized to facilitate reading and to understand the associated positions. As in the "Locations" section, the search functionality has been added at the top right of the page.

NOTE: the check mark to the right of one of the information on the page indicates that that information is present in at least two of the sources used by Atoka, as indicated for contact information.

The 'Social' Tab

In the "Social" section, an overview has been added which provides a general overview of the use of Social Media by the company.

At the top of the dashboard there are two elements:

  • Social Score is a score that evaluates the activity / visibility on the company's social networks in the last 3 months;
  • The number of Social Accounts

At the bottom of the page there are some counters that help to understand the degree of involvement and interest that the company is able to adopt in Social.

In addition to the overview, it is possible to access detailed information depending on the social media channel associated with the company (Facebook, Twitter and other accounts such as YouTube, Instagram, etc.).