Where does the data come from?

The Register of Companies, envisaged by the Civil Code, was fully implemented by the Law 580/1993 concerning the reorganisation of the Chambers of Commerce and by the subsequent implementing Regulations, and its operation is entrusted to the Chambers of Commerce. The data indicated in Atoka as "Cerved source" originates from Cerved Group S.p.A., one of the official authorized distributors for the Register of Companies of the Chambers of Commerce. These data are corrected, supplemented and enhanced by the daily work of Cerved analysts.

The data that we indicate with the tag "Web source", such as website and social media addresses as well as keywords, originate from public sources (websites, social media channels, etc) scanned by automated programs that use algorithms very similar to those of common search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). This data is then corrected, supplemented and enhanced by Atoka's editorial team and by its users.

Can I prevent the disclosure of information about my company?

In most European countries, the disclosure of official company data can be prevented only by removing it from the primary source, which for Italy is the Register of Companies of the Chambers of Commerce. Thus, we cannot remove this type of data (for example: company name, financial statement data, VAT number, official addresses, ATECO code, etc).

However, upon request we can hide other types of information. In some cases we can also hide pages publicly accessible to all users and prevent these pages from being indexed by search engines. If you would like to hide this data you contact us at customercare@atoka.io, specifying the reasons for your request and attaching to the email all the documentation that serves to attest your authority of legally representing the company, as well as the identity of the requester.

No, for the processing of data related to business matters prior consent is not required because the law wants to protect transparency in the conduct of financial activities. In particular, the personal data protection code (Decree Law 30 June 2003, no. 196), article 24 states that:

"..... consent is not required when: [...]"
"c) it concerns data from public registers, lists, records or documents available to anyone, without prejudice to the limits and procedures that the laws, regulations or EU legislation shall establish for the disclosure and publication of data;"
"d) it concerns data relating to the conduct of financial activities, processed in accordance with current legislation on business and industrial secrets;"

It is appropriate, therefore, to clarify that the nature and structure of our database does legitimately exclude seeking consent to allow the use of the data we process.

I have a sole proprietorship and the address or other data of the company match my personal data, can you hide them?

Of course! Simply send us an email to the address customercare@atoka.io, attaching the document provided by the Data Protection Authority, which you will find at this link, duly completed: http://www.garanteprivacy.it/web/guest/home/docweb/-/docweb-display/docweb/1089924.

My company data is incorrect, can I edit it?

It will soon be possible to edit and correct data about your company. In the meantime if you want to correct the data about your company, you can write to us at customercare@atoka.io.

Where do you get company keywords?

The keywords are extracted automatically from the website of the company and other documents.

The logo, keywords or other data of my company are wrong, what can I do?

Because some data is automatically extracted from public sources and from the web, in a similar way as common search engines do it, it is possible that there are errors. You can contact us at customercare@atoka.io if you spot an error and you wish to correct it.

How can I use the contacts in Atoka in a way that respects the privacy law?

Activities using contacts can be carried out without the necessity of a request for prior consent, as regards messages sent to the email addresses referring to the functions of legal persons (e.g. info@.... of a corporation).

In the case of contacts with employees/shareholders of a company, including contacts with personal work email accounts in companies, in accordance with the system of opt-in in Italy, data from Atoka can be used for contact campaigns with a Permission Marketing approach.

In addition to the above, we point out that regardless of the origin and nature of the data, the Data Protection Authority, with the guidelines on the use of personal data for commercial purposes of 4 July 2013, that can be read at this link http://www.garanteprivacy.it/web/guest/home/docweb/-/docweb-display/docweb/2542348, reminded that consent is not transferable. For this reason, in order to use a contact database acquired by third parties, it is necessary to obtain a reply and consent to send additional promotional communications.

So it is possible to send a communication to a list of prospects but taking care to include the information on the processing of personal data (art. 13 Decree Law 196/03), in which consent for the sending of promotional material is requested.

The message should therefore be purely informative in nature and not markedly commercial (so it is appropriate to avoid including prices, discounts or slogans). However it may:

  • describe your company;
  • connect the message with your corporate image;
  • introduce the services that you can offer, to be described in depth in any subsequent communications;
  • allow further investigation through a link to the website or the products;
  • include all the ways in which you can be contacted.

Anonymous contact is obviously not allowed and the user must have the option to request to be removed from your list.

What are credits? What are they for?

Credits are a kind of virtual currency that you can use to purchase advanced features in Atoka.At the moment the only way to use credits is to use them to download your lists of companies and the related contact data in Excel format.

Each credit entitles you to download a record in a list (so for example with 10 credits you can download a list of 10 companies). In the future other features will be added to be purchased with credits.

How many credits do I have?

You can always view the credits available by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner after logging in to Atoka.

During the free trial you are awarded 3 credits which you can use to try out the list download feature.

Each subscription plan includes a number of credits that are recharged every 30 days. Note: unused credits do not carry over into the following month, so if for example your subscription includes 500 monthly credits and you have used only 200, in the following month you will have 500 again.

How do I buy additional credits?

If you need to purchase more credits you can contact us by email at sales@atoka.io.

How many company profiles can I view?

During your free 5-day trial you can view 100 company profiles. Please note that the different sections (tabs) on the company page count as additional views. To continue using Atoka you need to purchase a subscription plan.

Who manages Atoka?

Atoka is a product of SpazioDati Srl (VAT no. 02241890223), a young Italian startup active in the field of Big Data, semantics and Business Information.
Our registered office and principal place of operation is located in Viale Olivetti 13, 38122, Trento, Italy. You can contact us at info@atoka.io.