How to manage 'full text' search

Atoka allows the insertion of operators and special characters to improve the accuracy of 'full-text' searches in different points of the service, in particular:

  1. in the "Website content" search filter, as described in the user guide;
  2. in the news dashboard (, using the text box that allows you to search for any combination of words within all the news present in Atoka (if the feature is enabled) ;
  3. with the Atoka API, using the 'fullText' parameter with the 'News Search' package (if the token you are using has access to the endpoint).

Below is a list of the main operators with some examples of use:

TERMINE_X OR TERMINE_YAt least one of the terms TERMINE_X and TERMINE_Y, indicated in the search string, must be present in the search result textsTERMINE_X = industria

search string =
industria OR 4.0
TERMINE_X AND TERMINE_YThe terms TERMINE_X and TERMINE_Y must be present at the same time in the search result texts (DEFAULT operation when there is no operator)TERMINE_X = industria

search string =
industria AND 4.0
industria 4.0
" ... "

The search result texts must contain exactly the string indicated in the quotation marks.

Attention: means the list of terms in the order in which they are specified in the sentence. The following are not considered in the search: articles, conjunctions, prepositions, inflection of terms (masculine / feminine, singular / plural) and punctuation marks.

search string =
"industria 4.0"
+TERMINE_XThe term TERM_X must be compulsorily present in each search result textsearch string =
industria 4.0 +manifattura
-TERMINE_XThe term TERMINE_X must not be present in the search result textssearch string =
industria 4.0 -impresa